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Animal Kingdoms and Classification

Animals and Habitats

North American Ecosystems Game



Introduction to Biomes

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What is an Ecosystem



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California Ecosystems    California Regions

Oceans   Rivers & Streams
  Lakes & Ponds   Wetlands




Pacific Ocean Mixed Conifer Forest
  Coastal Wetlands   Oak Woodland
Riparian   Redwood Forest  





Additional Links

General Alpine Desert
Grassland Ocean Ponds & Lakes
Rainforest Rivers & Streams Savannas
Taiga Temperate Forsest Tundra

General Biome Links

All About Biomes and Habitats

National Geographic - Habitats

Tour of the Biomes

American Field Guide


The Living Desert  World Biomes - Grasslands Tropical Oceans
 Blueplanet Desert  BluePlanet Grasslands Marine Biome
 world biomes - desert  Temperate Grasslands Looking at the Sea
    Cold Water Images


Zoom Rainforest Nat Geo Forests are for Kids
Amazon Interactive
 Taiga Biome  world biomes - forest
Tropical Rainforest  BluePlanet - Taiga  Deciduous Forest
Amazonia   Temperate Forest


Tundra The Wetlands  blueplanet Alpine
 BluePlanet Tundra Wetlands Alpine
 Tundra Ecology Wetlands  
 world biomes - tundra Nat Geo  


Rivers and Streams bluplanet chapparal  Blueplanet Savanna
Freshwater Biomes enchanted learning chaparral Tropical Savannas
Enchanted Learning Ecology Chapparal Ecology Savanna
Portal Fresh Water Bio Expedition  


Build A Habitat

Create a Habitat

Build a Biome

Arctic Ecosystem

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