Aileen Cashman was the second child born to Denis and Minnie Cashman on February 3, 1897.


Sometime before 1920 she married Leon Bernard Blanchard. Leon was the son of Ferdinand Blanchard of France (immigrated Oct 17, 1872) and Régine Henriette Cédiey of Oloron-Sainte-Marie,Pyrénées-Atlantiques,Aquitaine, France. He was the only survivng child born in Redwood City on November 23, 1893


Leon was a plumber when they met then a hardware salesman after they married. Aileen and her mother were very close, perhaps because Aileen and Leon never had children.


Postcard to Irene from "Grandma Minnie and Auntie Aileen" on her 6th Christmas.


Leon died in San Francisco on April 7, 1971. Aileen died May 18, 1975 in San Mateo.



Aileen & Leon 
Redwood City  1919 
Leon 1923
Irene Cashman, 
Minnie, Leon

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Leon Blanchard - 1910

Leon and his Father, Fern, Voter List - 1914

Leon Blanchard WWI Draft Card

SF Phonebook 1922

1935 Voter

Leon's WWII Draft Card Front

Leon's WWII Draft Card Back

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