Cuskley Outline Tree

           Elizabeth Jane Hearne (born 1838) married John S. Cuskley.

John Cuskley, son of Bernard Cuskley and Catherine Cummings (both born in Ireland) was born in St. Johns, New Brunswick, Canada on January 16, 1834. He emmigrated to Maine by way of Boston on November 16, 1836. He was naturalized in Portland on September 11, 1858.


Cuskley Lubec, Maine Census - 1880

Cuskleys, 1900 South Portland, Maine


Elizabeth Jane Hearne Cuskley died in South Portland, Maine on November 26, 1913. She, her brother William and sister, Lucy all died in the same year.

John Cuskley died on September 15, 1920 at Portland, Maine.


They had 8 children:

Catherine Cummings

Annie Teressa

John Edward

Mary F

William B

Henry Matthew

Thomas P

and a son who died in infancy.



       Catherine Cummings was born May 9, 1863 in Portland, Maine.She married William H. Berry on June 27, 1893, a painter. They settled in Portland, Maine. William died between 1915 / 1920; Catherine lived with her parents and sister, Annie, after that.

John & Jane Cuskley, daughters Catherine Berry (Husband William), Annie Griffin & her two daughters, and son, William B. 1910, South Portland Maine John Cuskley, daughters Catherine Berry, Annie Griffin and Frank Hearne, Elizabeth Jane's Brother. 1920, South Portland Maine



       Annie Teressa was born September 14, 1865. On September 28, 1893 she married James H. Griffin, son of Timothy and Ellen Griffin, born December 1864 in New Hampshire. When James died in 1901, Annie moved in with her parents. She continued living with them and, later, her sister. She died March 7, 1965 in Portland, Maine.

They had two daughters, Marion C. ( October 20, 1896 - June 1997 married Arthur A. Demuth) and Helen G. (December 14, 1898 - February 5, 1989).

Sisters Catherine and Annie

1930 South Portland, Maine


       John Edward was born in Portland, Maine on December 8, 1867. on June 5, 1906 he married   Ellen E. Dawson (born March 15, 1869) daughter of Charles Dawson and Emma Franklin.

They had one son, Gilbert E. born February 6, 1911 and an infant that died at birth on September 9, 1906. Gilbert married Edith Kathlene Scullin in South Portland, Maine on August 2, 1952.


        Mary F was born November 17, 1869. She married John Francis Clark of Bangor, Maine (son of Abrose Clark and Margaret Powers) on October 18, 1905. John died on January 19, 1929; Mary died on August 14, 1945.

They had one son, John Francis, Jr. (1909 - 1986)

John and Mary Clark

1910, Waterford, Maine


       William B was born November 6, 1871 in Portland, Maine and died February 23, 1916.

    Henry Cuskley, was a lighthouse keeper. He was born on February 23, 1874 and was named for Henry Matthew Hearne, Elizabeth's brother, who died at age 13, fifteen days earlier. On October 8, 1895, in Portland, Maine, Henry married Mary Elizabeth White, daughter of Leander White, also a lighthouse keeper, on September 30, 1895. They had 2 daughters, Dorothy (born June 11, 1896) and Virginia (born July 14, 1906). Henry died May 29, 1955 in Massachusetts.

Henry M. Cuskley became keeper of Libby Island Light in 1903. He later described the 1906 wreck of the three-masted schooner Ella G. Ells to historian Edward Rowe Snow. All hands on the schooner were lost except the captain, who drifted ashore on the roof of the ship's cabin.

Libby Islands Light house
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

He was also the lighthouse keeper of the Portsmouth Harbor Light, New Castle, New Hampshire.
"Henry Cuskley became keeper about 1912. Keeper Cuskley lived at the lighthouse with his wife and two daughters. Mrs. Cuskley was famous for her Sunday dinners and raspberry custard tarts. One neighbor later remembered that Mrs. Cuskley would go into a panic when she got word that the lighthouse inspector was coming. The neighbor said that Mrs. Cuskley 'flew around wildly throwing things out the portholes, and I'd run out and catch what I wanted as it flew by. I have a small table today that I caught on the fly."

Once while Cuskley was keeper the destroyer Brooksran aground on the rocks near the lighthouse. It was refloated a few hours later."

Portsmouth Daily Herald, October 20, 1941


     Thomas P Cuskley was born on January 20, 1877. He worked for the railroad in Portland, Maine. He married Estella I.Leary (1879 - 1961) on September 28, 1904. Thomas died in Portland, Maine on January 2, 1930.