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Frank Cashman 1930 Census

Letter from daughter Agnes Cashman Bakken

Recollections of Aileen Cashman, daughter of Vincent



Frank (Jake) Cashman was born in San Francisco on April 5, 1904. He married Rose Agnes Boulanger (daughter of Francis Boulanger and Susan Duffy) in 1926. Jake was a teamster with Robertson Drayage Company, where his brother, Gene, also worked

. They had three children, AgnesAileen  and Barbara.

  They divorced and Rose married James Maine on March 20, 1954.

 Jake died on December 8 1991 in San Mateo, Rose died on September 1, 1880.



  "Neither Gene nor Frank ever drank alcohol.  Frank was not one of daddy’s favorites. He was spoiled. I used to be scared of Frank, he wasn’t very friendly and was kind of rough. But when I saw Jake [Frank] at the last, he was very nice and didn’t bad mouth anyone. I noticed his hand on the chair and I remember thinking, “he’s daddy’s brother”. He was very sweet and very nice to me, the tragedy about Jake was his first wife was very cold; the love was not that strong from the beginning, she was sort of unkept, you know what I mean. But he met this woman he was crazy about and in the end, she got Alzheimer’s and had to put her in a home. I was sad for him. He was a clever dude; he was keeping this girl in a nice place.  
  Jake’s daughter, Agnes, and I used to work near each other. Her youngest sister, Sissy (Aileen) died and the other younger sister, Barbara, died too young. Sissy was a little busy-body. Agnes was a little angel as a little girl and when she grew up. She worked at a bakery, that’s when we started getting together and seeing each other again. She used to write me these long, long letters all about her family, I think she had a lot of troubles in her family. Agnes was always scratching for money. I wanted to connect with her again but I couldn’t get a hold of her. She lived in San Mateo in a rented place. I wish I could see Agnes again. All I wanted to do was to see her and not hear about all the other, you know. I just wanted to be her friend."

                                                                  -Aileen Cashman 2002


Children of Frank and Rose

Agnes Rose

Agnes Cashman was born on July 5, 1926.

She married Layne Kenneth Bakken.

They had 3 sons (Layne, Jr., Michael & Gary) and a daughter, JoAnn

Layne died March 15, 1966. Agnes died on April 28, 2005.


Agnes letter to Karen (Sept. 2002) 1

Agnes letter to Karen (Sept. 2002) 2

Agnes letter to Karen (Jan. 2003) 1

Agnes letter to Karen (Jan. 2003) 2

Agnes letter to Karen (April 2003) 1

Agnes letter to Karen (April 2003) 2

Aileen Minnie

Aileen was born April 6, 1928. She married Walter William Behnken on September 13, 1946 in Marin County. They had three sons, Donald, David & Dennis and three daughters, Diane, Sandra & Barbara. Walter died on August 25, 1994. Aileen died on January 2, 1998 in San Bruno.


Barbara Sue

Barbara Cashman was born February 23, 1930. On July 11, 1953 she married Anthony F. Conti; they later divorced. They had one daughter, Cynthia. Anthony died April 7, 1981. Barbara passed away on February 10, 1999 in San Mateo.