Alice Hearne was born was born on June 26, 1903 Madera County. She married Ernest Jehly in San Francisco about 1926.

Ernie Jehly was born on Feb. 7, 1902, the son of Louis A. Jehly and Anna Bertrand both of France. Ernie was a printer, working evenings at a small San Francisco newspaper.

Ernie and Alice had three children:

Gloria Jeanne born August 16, 1927; married Edward Julius Cantwell, Jr. in 1949. They had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Ed died August 28, 1998 in Richmond, Ca.; Gloria also died in Richmond on January 12, 1997.

Margot Juliette was born in San Francisco on April 18, 1930. She married Joseph DeMaestri on January 26, 1951; they had three children. Margot passed away in San Rafael, California on August 14, 2007.

Jacques Philip


Bill Hearne holding Margot Jehly




Alice and Gloria Jehly

Ernie & Gloria 1928 Ernie, Alice & Gloria 1928

Ernie & Gloria 1930

Hearne Cousins

Gloria Jehly, Eugene Cashman, Allen Loretz, Verna Cashman, Jacques & Margot Jehly, Dolores Cashman


Gloria Jehly and Eugene Cashman

Ernie 1930


Gloria Jehy & Eugene Cashman - Black Point


Gloria Jehy (left) Eugene Cashman (right)


 "Alice was a minister, although she raised her kids Catholic. She used to preach, read palms and was a psychic. Ernie, her husband, was a character. He wore a hearing aid and used to turn it off when he wanted quiet. He did all of the cooking and shopping for the family and was very fun loving. He would do things like put green food coloring in the mashed potatoes."  - Ann Hearne, 2000

  "Alice was into spiritualism, she was a minister in a spiritualist church." -Bill Hearne

 Alice died on December 3, 1974 in Napa County, California. Ernie died October 21, 1977 in Novato, California.

Alice - voter list San Francisco, 1924

Ernest and Alice 1930