Ann, Bo & daughter 1947


  Bo was born on May 26, 1916.

Age 2 - 1918


Bo with nephew, Gene and niece, Gloria - 1928 Bo and sister, Irene  and niece, Gloria - Forest Knolls - 1930

  "He got the nickname “Bo” because he was named after a violinist my dad once knew so he nicknamed him Bo" - Bill Hearne

  Bo met Ann Varner around 1935 when Ann moved to Sanchez Street where Billy, Bo and Ed Hearne were living with Alice and Ernie. At that time Julia Hearne was living with Tess and Al. Bo was in the Merchant Marine and enlisted in the Army August 1941. He married Ann while on leave on January 21, 1942. (Ann Bo January 18,1942)

  Bo was with the Third Army under George S. Patton.

 "He could speak 4 or 6 languages. He told me all he had to was to learn Latin and languages would come easy. He ran a Prisoner of War Camp in Germany after the war."  Paul Hearne

  " Bo worked for the fire department at the same time Ed started work at the hospital, in 1945. Before the war, Bo was in the Merchant Marine. He never should have gone in the Army, you see. They goofed up. They grabbed him when he was in between ships, cause he wasn't working, see. He come out better, anyways, though. I know he went into some of those German camps. He saw the bodies stacked up. I think he was in the anti-aircraft with Patton. He was a major when he got discharged. He went in as an enlisted man and went into the 90 day winder school and got to be First Lieutenant and overseas he got to be a major. He could have made Colonel if he had stayed in Germany to take charge of a German War Camp; but he wanted to get back. He got married in ’42. He got drafted either right before or right after Pearl Harbor. He was at sea for 4 or 5 years in the Merchant Marine; he was an oiler, I think. They weren’t drafting for the Navy then, just for the Army. " - Bill Hearne, 2002

  Letter from Bo Hearne regarding liberation of Buchenwald

  "Ann and Bowie got married during the war. He come up on leave and they got married; I was the best man. [Bill was best man at Bo and Ann’s wedding. He pretended he lost the ring when it was time.] He got married in mother’s house; they lived on Crescent Ave., I think. Then when he got out of the service, they bought a house next door to the mother-in-law; that’s where Diane was born. Then they bought the house on Arleta" - Bill Hearne

 "When they moved to Heyman St, Bo came over and remodeled the whole house. He was a perfectionist and would get mad at Gene when he wasn’t doing something the right way." -Gene Cashman

   Bo first worked at St. Luke’s Hospital as a dietician. After the war he worked at the American Can Company and then worked for the San Francisco Fire Dept. for 28 years. (1974 SFFD Yearbook). He retired due to heart problems. He had a stroke and could not walk and was at Laguna Honda Hospital for exactly one month before he passed away, on May 22, 1985. "


"Had severe hardening of the arteries, especially around his stomach. Was in lots of pain all the time wondering why he was still alive. Had a stroke in April 1985 and died a month later."   Paul Hearne

Bo - 1975

Ann, son Paul and Bill Hearne


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