"Gene and my mother never got along. I think they had a beef over the wedding or something because they didn’t get along from the day they were married. Jackie was the first one who got married, and then Alice got married. My mother got along with Ernie. Ernie was a good guy. Gene got hurt a lot at work. He got burned one time. The guy, Thomas Smith, someone he worked with; poured hot water and gasoline Gene tried to put it out and got third degree burns." Bill Hearne  

"When I was 4 or 5 [1932] dad stopped at one of his friend’s house on his route. The man was cleaning his kitchen with gasoline and a fire started rapidly engulfing the kitchen. The man’s daughter had been playing behind the store when it happened and Gene rushed in and pulled the girl out. But he had caught on fire while doing this and he was running down the street while the fire was burning his body. Someone (maybe the boy’s father) caught him from behind, threw his down and smothered the fire with a carpet. He can remember Grandma [Irene] getting the call to come to the hospital. He said grandpa was like charcoal from head to foot and was in the hospital a long time (and at that time you did not get paid if you weren’t working). He said grandpa’s right arm was never the same and was scarred. " Eugene Cashman

"Then he hurt his back; he fell of a truck or something, that’s when they lived on Crescent Ave. They had just bought this house and had to sell it because he wasn’t working for a long time. They moved down to Sanchez Street for a while, and then they bought the house on Prospect. When Gene died Jackie moved to Russia with Ed. I stayed with them one night. I slept on the Chesterfield. I stayed there one night and went north again. I remember after Gene died, Eugene taught her how to drive a car. She never drove a car before then. She was a good bookkeeper. She kept books for a company for years. When Gene got hurt she would bake cakes and sell them, that’s the reason they got by. She could really make that angel cake, that’s what I liked best. She always had cake around." " -Bill Hearne

"Gene and Irene lived across the street from Frank and Julia Hearne on 29 th st (403). They rented the upstairs flat there; it had 3 bedrooms and was quite large as flats go. But it only had one fireplace and he remembers his father would get a bunch of wood and he had this huge gas saw blade and he would cut the would right in the street in front of the house and dad would have to stack it behind the house. This would be their only source of heat for the entire flat.  They moved from there to 9 Heyman Street during Gene’s last year at St, James; they had to lie about the address so he could finish at St James and not have to transfer to St Paul’s.When they moved to Heyman St, Bo came over and remodeled the whole house. He was a perfectionist and would get mad at Gene when he wasn’t doing something the right way."

 Growing up I never remember money being mentioned in his house except once when my mother and dad had an argument about money.Mom walked out for about a half hour and that was that." -Eugene Cashman

Eugene Cashman

Irene Hearne