Annie O'Connor was born in New York on July 26, 1872 to Catherine (Kate) O'Neill and Terence O'Connor.Nothing is known of Terence; he either died or was divorced from Kate before 1880. She and mother came to San Francisco about 1877 where Kate worked as a book binder. Annie learned, and became, a very good seamstress.

She married Ernest Medley in February 1898. They probably met through proximity, as they lived around the corner from each other in 1897.

Ernie Medley, son of Hubert Mahony Medley and Amelia Lydia Webb, was born in Melbourne, Australia on January 16, 1869.

His sister, Eva Lydia, was married to illusionist, Heinrich "Harry" Kellar, who mentored Harry Houdini.

Heinrich "Harry" Kellar & Harry Houdini


Ernie came to San Francisco between 1890 and 1893.

When they married, they lived with Annie's mother, Kate, at 108 Oak Street. In 1900, Ernie tried his hand as a saddle maker for unknown reasons. He may have lost his job temporarily at the Chronicle and it is probable his brother-in-law, Frank Hearne, got him this job. Between 1901 and 1925 they lived at six different addresses, including 11th, 21st, 22nd, Howard, Genessee and Hoffman Streets.

After Annie's mother died in 1924, they moved to Monterey Blvd.and opened a dry goods store (Medley Novelty Store) at 679 Monterey.


"My uncle [Ernie Medley] worked for the Chronicle. He worked in the mailroom. He retired from there. The Printers Union was one of the first unions to have a retirement plan."   

"After my grandmother [Kate] died, my aunt [Annie] sold that house and went out to Monterey Blvd.; she bought a store out there, a dry goods store, for years. Then she moved in with my sister, Jackie, when my uncle died [Ernest]. She had no children. I was her favorite. I used to spend a lot of time up on Monterey Blvd. She lived in the back of the store. They had living quarters back there; two bedrooms and a kitchen. It was the 700 block of Monterey Blvd next to an empty lot; a gas station was her right across the street was a drug store. It was the end of the line for the 10 [streetcar], the switchback was across the street."                             

                                                                                             - Bill Hearne 2002

Bill Hearne, Annie and Ernie Medley


Ernie died on November 27, 1938 at the age of 71.


Annie Medley died January 18, 1945 at the home of her niece, Irene, at the age of 72.


Annie Medley, Irene Hearne, Ernie Medley, Ernie Jehly, Bill Hearne, Gloria Jehly