Naval Record of

Francis P Hearne, Jr

May 19, 1925 to Feruary 19, 1929


On May 19, 1925, Frank Hearne enlisted fo 4 years at the US Navy in San Francisco at the Naval Receiving Station.

He was stationed on the USS Sapelo (a supply ship) from June 26 to November 2, 1925. He was accepted to Submarine School at New London on 10/31/1925 and graduated April 24, 1926. He was then assigned to the USS Savannah (submarine tender) for 3 months then served on the submarine USS S-24 for 4 months before he was assigned to the USS S-33 from Novemeber 8, 1926 until January 12, 1929.  Navy Record.

He was promoted to seaman first class on April 10, 1927. He became a member of the torpedo and fire contol party on the 33. He also received a few tatoos during this time.

on January 30, 1928 Frank was promoted to quartermaster third class. He was awarded the "Marjorie Sterrett Prize" on November 13, 1928.

He was discharged, when his enlistment was up, on February 19, 1929.


Cachalot / K-2  (SS-33)

  S-33 (SS-138) was laid down on 14 June 1918 by the Union Iron Works, San Francisco, California; lauched on 5 December 1918; sponsored on 18 April 1922, Lieutenant George P. Lamont in command.

  Specifications: Displacement, Surfaced: 392 t., Submerged: 521 t.; Length 153' 7"; Beam 16' 8"; Draft 13' 1"; Speed, Surfaced 14 kts, Submerged 9.5 kts; Operating Depth, 200'; Complement, 2 Officers, 26 Enlisted; Armament, four 18" torpedo tubes, 8 torpedoes, one 3"/23 deck gun; Propulsion, diesel-electric, New London Ship & Engine Co., diesel engine, HP 950, Fuel Capacity, 18,126 gals., Electro Dynamic Co., electric motor, HP 680, Battery Cells, 120, single propeller.

  November 1926, S-33 moved west to join her sister ships at Cavite. On 22 December, she arrived at that Luzon submarine base and, for the next five years, operated as a unit of the Asiatic Fleet. during the fall and winter months, local exercises and annual overhauls kept her in the Philippines. Each spring she deployed to the China coast for division and fleet exercises out of her summer base at Tsingtao.

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