Tess - Forest Knoll 1930

Tess, Julia & Bill

   Tess was born in San Francisco on March 5, 1908, the fifthe child of Frank and Julia Hearne.

On July 7, 1927, she married Albert Loretz (born June, 8 1904) the son of David Loretz and Margaretha Baumann both born in Switzerland. He was a mechanic and owned his own auto repair shop in San Francisco.

They had two children, Alan David and a daughter, Linda Kathleen.

Allan Allan David Loretz and wife, Helen - 1946


  "Tess was a real lady. She was not a home body, but a working woman. She worked at the phone company downtown and had to dress very nice, including hat and gloves. She was very easy going."  - Ann Hearne, 2000

Sisters...Tess, Irene & Sis 1980 Lillian & Tess


 Albert died on February 10, 1991.

Tess passed away February 7, 1985 in Danville, Ca.


July 7, 1927 July 7, 1979

Loretz in 1930

Tess, San Mateo Times - 1961