Giovanni Cuneo's brother was Joseph Cuneo. He was born on July 21, 1879 in Rovegno, Italy to Jacob Anthony Cuneo and Guilia Barbieri. He married Luigia Margherita Celestinos Ghiliotti on September 28, 1903  at the Church of San Giovanni Battista di Rovegno, Liguria, Italia.

They came to America on October 14, 1903 aboard the "Prinzess Irene". The settled in Brooklyn, New York. Their daughters, Jennie Julia followed and Theresa M. were born.

  Around 1908 or 1909, the family moved to Jackson, California where their son, Albert, was born on March 30, 1909. They moved back to Manhattan, New York around 1910 and William John was born there on September 22, 1910. By 1930 they were back in Brooklyn, NY. (1930 census)


"When I was about 15 or 16, I believe that I may have been at a dinner at my aunts house ( Jennie and Tessie), and met Juliet [Louisa and Jewell Cuneo]. They were on their way either to or from Italy.
This was well over 45 years ago.
    Here is some information from our side, with more to come later. My grandfather Joseph Cuneo was married to Louisa Ghigliotti. They had 4 children. Uncle Al, my father William, Aunt Jennie, and Aunt Tessie.
    My uncle Al had one son, Richard. My father William had 2 sons William Jr. and me Walter. Aunt Jennie and Tessie had no children, which probably accounts for their long lives. They both past away a few days apart in 2003. Jennie was 98 and Tessie 96. They lived alone in Brooklyn, shopped, and took care of everything themselves. Aunt Jennie was still driving at the time of her death. The aunts, having no children and me being their favorite nephew I was always there for them as a son would be I guess that I became the family historian of the east coast."

                                                                                       ....Walter Cuneo - 2008


The Four Children Of Joseph and Luisa


Jennie Julia Cuneo was born on August 27, 1904. She worked at the ACME Letter File Corp. in NY. She married Ettore Schiavi. Ettore wasborn in Gropparello, Italy on August 13, 1899. He came to America on Oct. 30, 1924 to join his brother, Massimino, in New York. (1930)


Theresa M. Cuneo (Tessie) was born on October 27, 1906 in New York.

  When Ettore died on September 30, 1993 Jennie and Theresa lived together in their parent's house on Bayridge Ave. in Brooklyn, NY. Both sisters died within 3 days of each other; Jennie on May 10, 2003; Theresa on May 13th, 2003. Theresa never married and Jennie had no children.

Albert Cuneo Cuneo was born on March 30, 1909 in Jackson, California. married (Rose) and had one son, Richard Albert. Albert died in November of 1981 in Lakehurst, New Jersey.

William John Cuneo married Beatrice Armaniaco and they had two boys.


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