Lillian DiPietro Green - 1964


   Lillian DiPietro was born in Denver, Colorado on February 15, 1911. She was 2 when her mother died and she entered St. Ann's Orphanage. She was 14 when she and Cecilia left the orphanage. They were visiting Josie and their dad and didn't make it back on time so the nuns told them they would no longer take them. She lived in Bingham City until she was 18 when she married John Green, a professional baseball player, in Bingham. (When Dick quit baseball, he worked for PG&E). They moved to Santa Rosa, California in 1929 because Lillian was expecting and John wanted her to be with his mother since he was on the road a lot. They moved to Oakland, Calif. in 1930, Josephine lived with them. They then moved to Arizona in 1931 and Dick was born there in 1932. Josie went to stay with her during that time. They were in Oakland by 1935 where Josie and Ceily were living. They had three children; Lorrainne Rose (born March 1930), Richard (Born February 1932) and Doreen (born April 1935).

  "My dad was a pitcher and he played in the majors & Minors. What team does your brother-in-law play for. He must be very good to stay in the majors so long. My Mom was a very good Mother. She kept the house spotless and was a very good cook. She was always home when we got home from school which was very comforting. She didn't know how to drive so she was a homebody." -Doreen Green

In 1940, their daughter, Lorraine, died of stomach tumors.

They eventually moved to Lake Tahoe. Lillian died in Carson City, Nevada on September 15, 1993.

"My Mother was the first to leave Utah after Tony left. She was working at a movie theatre in Salt Lake City when she was 17 and met my Dad there when he was playing baseball and soon after they got married and stayed in Bingham Canyon during baseball's off months and my Dad went to work in the Bingham copper mines until finally they moved to Santa Rosa and lived with my Grandma Vernetti and my Dad's stepfather Charlie. Then they eventually moved to Oakland and soon after Josie moved to Ca. and lived with Mom & Dad for awhile until she got a job at Pullman where she met Del."

"You asked about my Mom. Well she was very different from Josie & Ceily. She was more shy. She dedicated her whole life to us kids. Lorraine was very sick as a child and developed stomach tumors and spent most of her latter years in the hospital. She passed away at 10 years old. Dick was 8 at that time and I was 5. That hit my parents very hard and I don't think they ever fully recovered from losing her. My Dad being a professional baseball player was gone a lot of the time. He quit baseball in 1940. He was playing with the San Diego Padres when he retired from baseball. My brother Dick played baseball during and after high school & beyond. I forget the year he quit. In the 60's sometime. He was born in Tucson, Ariz. Josie was visiting with Mom & Dad when Dick was born.

I was born in Oakland. I went to Catholic school, so did Dick & Lorraine. When we moved away from Oakland in 1945 we moved to Walnut Creek and my brother went into High school and I was in the 5th grade but we were in public school then so it was a big change for us. We both went to Acalanes High in Lafayette. Boy, it seems like an eternity ago. Then when I graduated from high school I went to work for Pacific Telephone in Oakland. My brother's girlfriend & I got an apt. in Oakland and we both worked at the phone. co. Then after 3 months I moved back to Walnut Creek and got a job at H.C.Capwell's Dept. store. Then a year or so after that Mom & Dad put the house up for sale and we all moved to Lake Tahoe. Dick & I both worked at Harvey's Wagon Wheel for a year or so. I met my husband there & 6 months later we were married."     - Doreen Green (Stark) 10-2000


Lillian & Her First Daughter,Lorraine  John Green & Daughter, Lorraine


Doreen Green, Pat Cuneo, Ralph Carniglia Geri Cuneo & Dick Green Doreen with daughter, Lori and Grandaughter, Shannon John and Lillian Green



Cecilia Agnes DiPietro