Martino with his dog in Bingham, Utah, 1922


  Martino DiPietro was born in Agnone,Italy on March 14, 1882. He married Maria Nicola Longo in 1900 or 1901. They had a son, Antonio, born on December 28, 1901. They also had a daughter a year or two later but something went wrong with Maria's milk and the baby died. Tony described Agnone as a town ladies visited and men went to the cantina to have wine and get happy. His granddad's house was on the outskirts of town. His grandpa (Simeone DiPietro) married for the third time at the age of 90, went blind at age 95 and died at the age of 104.


Chiesa di S.Emidio in Agnone. Church where most of the DiPietro - Petruolo Families attended

On March 6, 1906, Martino landed at Ellis Island aboard the ship, Konigin Luise.

Konigin Luise

He went to Denver finding work as a laborer. Around 1905 or so, Martino's wife, Maria Longo, died in Italy.

Martino went back to Agnone, met and married Angelamaria Petruolo on March 28, 1908.

Martino went back to Denver after marrying Angelina, arriving on Ellis Island on November 2, 1908 aboard the ship Duca Di Genova.


Martino's 1908 passenger record (click to see entire page - line 21)


He, then, sent for his son Tony and his new wife, Angelamaria, who was now six months pregnant.

Angelamaria and Tony met up with Martino in Denver, Colorado. Two months later, Angelina gave birth to Josephine L. DiPietro on May 25, 1909. Martino continued working as a laborer.


1910 census record of DiPietro Family 
3618 Kalamath Street, Denver  
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Martino and Angelamaria had their second daughter on February 15, 1911 and named her Lillian A. DiPietro. They remained in Denver until 1912; then Martino packed up the family and moved to Bingham Canyon, Utah. There they had their third child, Cecilia Agnes in March 17, 1913.


Martino never learned to read or write English and always signed his name with an "X". Josie said it was always hard for her to understand what he was saying.

"My dad made big money but he gambled, went to the pool hall and drank a lot. He used to make wine and was raided many times by the Salt Lake City Police. Every year he would pay $400.00 for grapes from California and as soon as he made the wine, there came the cops. He bought a still and made whiskey from the grape mash. [Josie came back home at the age of sixteen from St. Ann's Orphanage] When he'd go to work, he'd tell me to make sure the barrel water was cold enough throughout the day, otherwise the whole town would smell the whiskey. One day, the cops came into Bingham for their raids. I was 16 and was sitting in the yard and my heart went clean up my throat as they came up to the house. They said they'd be back tomorrow."

"When dad came home he took an ax to the still he had paid $400.00 for and smashed it and threw it behind the outhouse. Then he buried the mash in the front yard (it was all dirt). The next day the cops came and, knowing my dad, started digging around the front yard. All the fumes came up from the mash and hit them in the nose. `Where's the still, Mike?', they asked. My dad said, `I don't have no still' (in Italian). My dad could lie like a coo-coo. He could have gone to jail.

"One day he was jailed and he was actually innocent. He was riding in the back of a truck with someone who had a keg of whiskey and they put him in jail. He was in jail many times. He never made a penny from his booze. "    -  Josie Carniglia

"Martino moved to California after the girls had already moved here. He was a landscaper on the Peninsula mainly around Menlo Park and San Mateo area and he made very good money at that time but he drank most of it away." -Doreen Stark

When he died he had $2,000.00 in the bank; that paid for his funeral. He never asked us for a penny his whole life. I'm glad he enjoyed his money."  -Josie Carniglia

Martin never married again and spent the last few years of his life in California. He died on August 14, 1954 at the age of 70.  

Martino and his son, Tony and Kay, Tony's wife

Martino at Lake Merrit, Oakland



  Martino DiPietro with friend, 1936

DiPietro's in Utah

Children of Martino and Angelamaria DiPietro