Palmina Pannunzio Petrolla (middle)

Michele Petrolla (right)

their son, Felix


Michelle Petruolo, Angelina's brother, married Palmina (Mary) Pannunzio in Agnone, Italy about 1909.

    On September 13, 1909  "Mike" went to Youngstown, Ohio where his father-in-law, Domenico Pannunzio, lived. He traveled with his nephew, teodoro Petruolo. His wife stayed in Agnone, and while he was in America, Palmina had their daughter Letizia who died either in infancy or childhood. Their first son,

Felice (Felix) D.

Felix was born June 25, 1913 in Agnone. He married Mary Susimka in Youngstow, Ohio, They had three children, John, Dennis and Rena

Then, on December 6, 1921, Mary and Felice joined Michelle to make their home in Youngstown, Ohio. Their last name became "Petrolla" due to language/lieracy reasons. 

They had four more children:

Dominic Louis

Dominic was born about on November 17, 1922 in Youngstown, Ohio. He maried Catherine Rogers and they had one son, Michele (Michael) James.

Gennaro Dominic "James"

James born about 1924 in Youngstown, Ohio. He married Bambina (Babe) Pecchia in 1945. They had 2 daughters and a son. James died on June 12, 2003.

Elizabeth M. (Virginia)

Virginia was born July 11, 1925 in Youngstown. She married and divorced William Kennedy; they had 2 daughters. She then married Willaim P. Neff. Virginia died November 20, 1995.

John A.

John was born Feb. 19, 1928. He mariried a Janet and they had one son and three daughters. He died in June 1964.

Fred F.

Fred was born in Ohio. He married Lola P. Deramo (1931-2001). They had two sons, one daughter.


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