The Family of Ray and Cecilia



    Ray and Cecilia were married on June 26, 1932 at Sacred Heart Church in Oakland, Calif. The Best Man was Ray's friend, Tony Agussa and Maid of Honor was Jewel, Ray's sister.

  "When they married, they had a nice wedding. Ray's mom cooked everything, raviolis...everything. The reception was at her house."

-Josie Carniglia




Tony Agussa (best man), Jewell Cuneo (maid of honor) George Mostoun (Jewel's husband) Ray and Cecilia


Tony Agusa, Helen Marks & Ray Tony Agusa, Cecilia& Ray 1934


Crater Lake - 1938



First Apartment


Ray and Cecilia's first house,

474 56th Street Oakland They built this house -and it was subsequently relocated when the freeway came in. They, then, moved to

32 Sylvan Way, Piedmont.


The Family of Ray and Cecilia