Teresa DiPietro was born in Agnone, Italy on May 31, 1874.

She came to Ellis Island on November 25, 1898 aboard the Werra.

  She married Anthony Marinelli two weeks later, on December 8, 1898 in Chicago, Illinois. 

Anthony Marinelli

  Anthony was born on January 17, 1875 in Agnone, Italy.

His father, Pasquale, was born in Caserta, Italy around 1852. His mother, Angelina, was born about 1852 in Italy. They immigrated, probably, in 1891. They had two other children, Peter and a daughter.

Peter was born in Agnone, Italy on July 13, 1886. He married Mary D'Agnillo, daughter of James. "Tony’s brother Peter Marnell was a builder and alderman candidate and lived in Kankakee, Illinois, in 1930.  I don’t know Tony’s sister’s name. "     - Teresa Marnell Pyne  11-23-2010

Pasquale died in Chicago Heights on December 2, 1914.

Mr. Marinelli had been in poor health for the past 2 years, and lately had been confined to his home at 246 East 22nd Street. …He came to this country many years ago and had resided in the Heights for 16 years.  For a long time he was employed at the Inland Steel works as a steel worker.  He was the father of Pete and Tony Marinelli, and one daughter, all of whom, with the widow and many friends, mourn his death.”

Angelina Marnell (Tony’s mother) died in 1931 at age 89.  She had lived with the family in Chicago Heights for 33 years. 



Anthony and Teresa Marinelli

 Anthony and Teresa made their home, first in Chicago, then in Chicago Heights, Illinois. (1900 census). Sometime after 1920, their name shortened to Marnell.

"Anthony Marnell and his family changed their name from Marinelli on his draft registration card in 1918.  The 1920 Census were under Marinelli with all the Italian versions of their given names because Tony’s mother Angelina didn’t speak English apparently and was respondent"     - Teresa Marnell Pyne  11-23-2010

  Anthony was a teamster in a steel mill. (WWI draft card).

Around 1915, Teresa suffered a brain hemorrhage. She eventually died from this two years later, on November 24, 1917. She was 43.

Anthony died on Feb. 7, 1928 at the age of 54.

  Their daughter, Angelina, raised most of her brothers and sisters after the death of her parents. (1930 census)

The Family of Anthony and Teresa